Preparing for the Return to Routine

Summer is almost over…how are you preparing to get back at it and end the year strong?

Getting back to the routine in business after the summer holidays can be challenging, but with proper planning and organization, you can transition smoothly. Here are seven tips to help you and your team get back on track:

1. Communication is Key: Communicate the schedule and expectations. Send a memo or email outlining essential dates, meetings, and any changes to projects or deadlines.

2. Plan Ahead: Schedule a team meeting to kick off the last four months of the year. Discuss goals, priorities, and upcoming projects. Review any outstanding tasks and set new milestones to achieve after the break.

3. Tackle the Most Important Tasks First: Address high-priority and urgent matters. Identify critical projects that need immediate attention and allocate resources accordingly.

4. Be Mindful of Workload: Recognize that your team may need time to readjust to the workload with everyone back in the swing. Be mindful of their capacity and avoid overwhelming them with new assignments simultaneously.

5. Encourage Open Communication: Create a culture of open communication, allowing team members to share any challenges or concerns they may face. Summer can give us time to think; new perspectives will shine through.

6. Provide Motivation and Incentives: Offer incentives or recognition to boost team morale. Acknowledge their efforts and accomplishments during and after the holiday period, which will encourage them to get back into the swing of things.

7. Promote Work-Life Balance: Provide flexibility when possible, such as allowing remote work or flexible hours, to help employees ease back into their routines. Many have families and outside responsibilities also adjusting to post-summer schedules.

Remember, it’s natural for people to take some time to readjust. Patience, support, and effective communication are essential to successfully help your team transition back to the routine. Implementing these tips ensures a smoother return to business as usual after the summer holidays.