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We guide organizations on a transformative journey where challenges become opportunities, and
each individual becomes an integral part of the collective pursuit of excellence.

We are a Trusted Advisor We are a Trusted Advisor

About APEX

We are a Trusted Advisor

At Apex GTS, we appreciate the individuality of each organization. This understanding drives us to redefine the consulting process from its core. Rather than adopting a rigid and predefined approach, we embark on a dynamic journey of discovery. We gain valuable insights into the unique opportunities and challenges faced by the organization. Armed with this knowledge, we craft a highly customized approach that addresses these hurdles.

We firmly believe that the essence of business lies in its customers and employees. Recognizing this, we prioritize a deep understanding of their needs and aspirations, ensuring that our engagement with the organization is focused on eliminating challenges and fostering a workplace environment that honors the individuality and contributions of each person.

Our unwavering commitment to delivering results is rooted in the understanding that the solution for every company will be distinct in its form and impact. Therefore, we concentrate on defining outcome statements that drive client satisfaction, allowing us to tailor our efforts to achieve each
organization’s unique objectives.

Leaders often find themselves navigating the delicate balance between organizational needs and the aspirations of their people. In this complex landscape, it is crucial to maintain a positive mindset and strive toward realizing the organization’s full potential. By offering an outside and objective perspective, we give leaders a fresh vantage point, revealing a clear path forward and unveiling the untapped potential that leads to the organization’s APEX.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

We exist to guide our clients to their Apex through high-impact transformations and engagement.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We navigate an organization’s complex twists and turns by using diagnostic tools and fine-tuning the systems to navigate the course and achieve winning results.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Boldly transforming organizations into high-performance ecosystems fueled by engaged teams.

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What Makes Us Different

Ideal Leadership qualities Building Your Company's Future

what sets us apart

Ideal Leadership qualities

  • Transformational Mindset, both for self and the organization
  • Growth-oriented, for self, others, and the organization
  • Looking to be bigger/greater than where they can get on their own
  • Want and ability to achieve greatness
  • Understand and want to succeed through people
  • Understand the difficulties and the fact that people are how things get done

How It Works

The Apex System

Growth Growth 01


To help companies GROW by navigating obstacles and opportunities.

Transformation Transformation 02


To empower companies to understand who they are and understand who they are not – give them the ability to TRANSFORM based on who they are, not who others think they should be.

Success Success 03


To help companies see challenges and opportunities, they didn’t see and connect the dots to SUCCEED.

Building Your Company's Future
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Rick Bowers
Founder & CEO

Rick Bowers

Ashley Bowers
Founder & Chief Strategist

Ashley Bowers